Update for my Build Management series of articles

I finally got to updating my series of articles on build management:

At the end of each article you can find what changed.


2 thoughts on “Update for my Build Management series of articles

  1. Great set of articles about setting up and working with continuous integration. I am looking to do the same but for web applications, so solutions that could contain multiple websites, which would need to generate a release build of site code, pages, images, css etc. All the examples I have seen, including yours, deal more with class libraries and applications. Do you have any examples that might be of use?

    Many thanks

  2. I haven’t got much experience with web development and managing such projects, so I can not be of much assistance.

    I suppose standardizing your folders (where to put images, css, etc…) would be a starting point. That way you could manage the deployment of all your webprojects. If you do find any resources, please post some links here because I’m interested in what you find.



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