Add your own programming language to SharpDevelop Part 1: Make your templates available

While documenting myself for developping a new language I looked at how to add support for a programming language to the free available SharpDvelop IDE. Allthough there is some information available in the forums at their site, most of it is scattered. So, I decided to start from scratch with a pure SharpDevelop addin in build up until I had a language supported by the SharpDevelop IDE.

In this first part we will start with the fun part: adding your project type to the IDE

What we need

This article is about the SharpDevelop 2.0 IDE. In order to be able to debug our addin and see how SharpDevelop implements certain features we will also get the SharpDevelop sourcecode and compile a debug version of it.

This is where you can get all the goodies:

  • The sample project used in this article can be downloaded from here
  • The IDE itself, to be able to develop our addin, you can get from here.
  • How to get the sourcecode is explained here.

The documentation for obtaining the sourcecode leads you to the Subversion trunk svn://, but if you go one folder back up, just at svn:// and download from there, you will also download some batch files which allow you to compile the whole project.

Now, let’s get going…
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