Google Maps Offline Library

I’ve extended the library with a new tile, see this post. The link to the code provided in this post is no longer valid.

We all have used Google maps but unfortunately you can only use it when you are online. What I wanted was to have the maps of an area available offline so I can take them with me.

My first idea was to somehow have an Internet Explorer plugin which would allow me to go to google maps and then download all the images shown onto my harddisk. During my research for writing this plugin I came across this article which analyses the url’s used by google maps. That was exactly what I needed.

So I wrapped the code of the article in a small library, added some more functionality as requested by some people, like him and him, that I can also use in my future application and now you can download that code here.

I will post updates as the project evolves. There is no error handling or documentation yet but I will add all this in the future, but for now this is it.

Hope you enjoy it.

14 october 2007: Original article,
17 october 2007: Reposted the code after someone noted errors.
21 october 2007: Changed title to more precisely reflect the intention of the article/code.
25 october 2007: Updated to forward to this follow up post


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