Offline Maps: added GPS layer – version

I finally added the GPS layer. It allows you to know where you are but it is NOT a routing application. This means you can not find the shortest route between to locations.

So what can you do?

You can:

  1. do everything you could in the previous version.
  2. View tiles served by Open Street Maps (thanks to Michael Collinson)
  3. Find your position using a GPS
  4. Trace a route on the map and save it
  5. Display a previously saved trace


I’ve made a separate page on my blog dedicated to the Offline Maps application. That page will contain the manual and feature overview. Blogposts like this one will be used to inform you about added functionality and more technical info like what articles I used to implement the added functionality.

NMEA message analysis
GPX – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
NMEA-0183 – Wikipedia (Dutch language)
26 interpreted sentences transmitted by GPS unit
Writing Your Own GPS Applications: Part I

Accessing the serial port through C#
Application to debug serial port communication
Portmon for Windows v3.02

23 december 2007: Original article


2 thoughts on “Offline Maps: added GPS layer – version

  1. Hi Serge

    This is a great application.

    It could be very useful helping to create new Orienteering maps of local forests.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks for spending the time to develop Offline Maps – it’s exactly what I’ve been searching for. I’m going travelling around South East Asia soon armed with one of those tiny Asus Eee PCs, a GPS receiver and bad sense of direction. I couldn’t seem to find any PC-based mapping software which covers remote areas such as the places I’m going to.

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