Offline Maps: Added Import Layer and corrected version for Windows Mobile 6.0 – version 1.3.0

I’ve just released version 1.3.0 of the application.

The application allows you to download tiles served by google maps and openstreetmap to your harddrive and then view them offline, thus without an internet connection.

What’s changed

I have added a layer which allows you to import other maps like bitmaps and calibrate them with Google Maps or Open Street Maps.

I also fixed some bugs in the mobile version. It now works faster (allthough on my HTC Touch not fast enough yet) and GPS functioanlity is working.

You can get it at the Offline Maps page

Any remarks are always welcome.

Oh yeah, if you go look at the Offline Maps page: guess where we are going on holiday this year 🙂


These are some links I used for implementing the Import layer. Allthough it turned out I didn’t need the transformations for scaling.

bitmap transparency
Per Pixel Alpha Blend in C#
Drawing Transparent Images and Shapes using Alpha Blending
Using the AlphaBlend function

bitmap transformations
Image Transformation in C# with GDI+


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