Updated code for NHibernate articles Part 1 to Part 5

A while ago I wrote a series of articles about NHibernate and how mapping objects to classes is done using C#:

  1. NHibernate Part 1: Hello World with NHibernate
  2. NHibernate Part 2: CRUD with NHibernate
  3. NHibernate Part 3: Mapping techniques for aggregation – One To One mapping
  4. NHibernate Part 4: Mapping techniques for aggregation – One-To-Many mapping
  5. NHibernate Part 5: Mapping techniques for aggregation – Many-To-One and Many-To-Many mapping

At that time I used MySql and NHibernate version

Now I have updated the code to use a different tooling set and the 2.0.1.GA version of NHibernate.
The tooling set is:
Visual Studio 2008 of which there is a free version available here
SQL Server Express which you can download for free here

The updated code can be downloaded here.


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