Offline Maps: Update your base URL’s

Google changed the base URL for retrieving tiles, so hit that “Retrieve” button in the Offline Maps application to be able to continue to use it.

For those that want to do it manually, see the URL table on the Offline Maps project page

Good luck !!


5 thoughts on “Offline Maps: Update your base URL’s

      1. I typed in “Leavenworth WA” with no qoutes, I have the project built and van debug so if you need debug trace let me know

      2. @facistfunnies

        I just had a try and it worked.

        I noticed from the url you’ve send earlier you probably didn’t touch the zooming level. That is still a problem in the current version. Use the slider control on the left and before typing in your destination, put it somewhere in the middle and try again. That worked for me.

        Without changing the slider (positioned at the bottom), I also had a crash. It’s then like typing in a location on the google maps site and putting their zoom slider at the bottom: you just get a look on the world from somewhere out in space, which probably was not your intention.

        If you still have problems, just let me know.



  1. plz i really need your application to work and i can’t make it work it always hangup can you provide me the steps in details how to make it work.
    i really needs it
    thanks in advance

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