Offline Maps: Update your base URL’s

Google changed the base URL for retrieving tiles, so hit that “Retrieve” button in the Offline Maps application to be able to continue to use it.

For those that want to do it manually, see the URL table on the Offline Maps project page

Good luck !!


Offline Maps: Version and update of the base URL’s

I finally got to posting my code on the codeplex website. You can find it here.

The project page on this blog will remain the main source of information about features of the application and how to use it. The codeplex site will however become the reference for the binaries and soucecode. No updates will be posted anymore on

So, without any further ado: go to the codeplex projectpage and download the application on the Releases page. People wanting to investigate the sourcecode can find it on the Source code page.

First thing to do is to update the base-url. For information on how to do this, visit this page.


Offline Maps: A new version (bugfix) and update of the base URL’s

I just posted release 1.4.1 of my OfflineMaps application.

There was an error in the 1.4.0 verszion which prohibited the downloading of tiles, which is what the application is all about.

I also noted that Google updated their base-URL’s, so if you download the above version, start by updating the base-URL’s.

You can download it on the project page

Hope you enjoy it !!

Offline Maps: Added automatic URL updating – version 1.4.0

I released version 1.4.0 of the application last weekend.

What’s changed

Not much actually, but I think that what did change will make the application more usefull.

It is now possible to change the base-URL used by the Google Server for obtaining the tiles. Google has the habbit of changing those URL’s quite frequently. And allthough nothing fundamentally changed about how the URL is composed ever changed, it did result in not being able to get the tiles and thus making the applicatio rather useless.

All that has changed now. For those who now how to get at the base-URL (and I will post on how to do this later on), they can just adapt the base-URL used and save the new values.

For those less technical, they can retrieve the latest base-URL from the Offline Maps page on this blog by the click of a button.

Find out how on the Offline Maps page

Enjoy !!!!